For CPAs

Our priority is making the CPA’s job easier and more profitable by giving them:

  • Accurate Information
  • Reconciled Financial Reports
  • More Organized Clients

As a CPA, you can concentrate on more profitable parts of your practices, instead of spending too much time on bookkeeping.

The Balanced Book Company prides itself in having open, continuous communication with the CPA to insure that they are a keyboard and handpart of the financial reporting process throughout the year. This reduces the number of open issues you will confront while preparing your clients’ tax returns.

We don’t just give your clients pages filled with numbers – we work with you and your client to make sure that they are using their financial reports as a management tool. When they have accurate reports to discuss with the CPA, they are more likely to consult with you throughout the year.

What CPA’s Say About Us
“…working with The Balanced Book Company has improved our ability to provide quality service and timely planning to our clients. The Balanced Book Company takes the “busy work” off my desk and frees me to do the work CPA’s should be doing, and at a profit.”
— Tom Applegate, CPA

“The financial information I received from The Balanced Book Company was organized, easy-to-use and it worked for me. It made my job much easier.”
— Bruce Bandemer, CPA

“The Balanced Book Company provides me with complete and accurate reports. This means that I can spend my time on tax planning, preparation and the other more profitable services CPA’s provide.”
— David Eisenberg, CPA

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